Solar energy has come a long way and so have we.

Our team lives in the midst of the communities and people we work with, from the farming communities surrounding Boise, Idaho to markets across the country. Our love for the land and desire to create better systems and solutions for the environment is personal. 

On any given day, we are having conversations: with landowners, with utilities managers, with project directors and corporate leaders. Each play a role in how we power our lives and how solar energy is a part of that—and each have distinct realities, needs and opportunities.

Over the last seven years, our understanding has been shaped and refined by these conversations. And our decades of collective experience now make it possible for us to bring technology, solutions and people together to redefine the way we access, use and think about natural resources: one that doesn’t come at a cost to people, the planet, or your business goals. 

We’re here to make solar not just a sustainable future, but a valuable one - one we all benefit from whenever we take a breath, make a business decision, or imagine the world we’re handing to the next generation. 

Our Team

Jason Ellsworth

Co-Founder & CEO
Jason Ellsworth leads Clēnera as President and CEO. He co-founded Clēnera in 2013, together with long-time friend and business partner Adam Pishl. Jason’s leadership and background in technology, solar, manufacturing, development, professional management, and project finance enable Clēnera to act as an efficient, vertically-integrated developer and manager of solar power projects. Together with Clēnera’s capable team and deeply-committed investors, Jason ensures that Clēnera is well managed, agile, and growing to keep pace with its clients' needs. Prior to the creation of Clēnera, Jason was Founder and CEO of Sunlight Partners, a leading U.S. developer of utility-scale solar energy plants. Before Sunlight, Jason was Vice President and General Manager of U.S.-based solar manufacturer SolFocus. Jason has held various leadership positions in product, technology and business development. Additionally, Jason holds a bachelor’s degree in International Business from Boise State University and an MBA from Harvard University.

Adam Pishl

Co-Founder & COO
As Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of Clēnera, Adam Pishl leads business operations and asset management. In 2010, Adam and Jason co-founded Sunlight Partners, one of the most successful distributed generation developers in North America. At Sunlight, Adam and his operations team created the industry’s first programmatic solar project development system. His introduction of Geographic Information System experts and grid connectivity professionals opened opportunities for his teams to identify, qualify and acquire suitable solar development sites quickly and efficiently. Adam’s career in renewable energy began at SolFocus Glassworks in Mesa, AZ where he managed build of the company’s first manufacturing facility and led operations, manufacturing and process development. Adam implemented ISO 9000 framework and quality systems to dramatically improve quality and capacity and later managed the design and construction of an automated manufacturing facility. Prior to his experience in the renewable-energy sector, Adam founded several small start-ups, gaining experience in the coatings, construction, and manufacturing industries.

Michael G.

Vice President of operations
Michael brings over 30 years of construction knowledge to the Clēnera team. As Vice President of Operations, Michael leads a team that is responsible for building and operating a portfolio of projects totaling over 1500 MW, with a value in excess of $2 billion throughout the United States.

Brian H.

General counsel
Brian has served as Clēnera's General Counsel since 2018. Prior to Clēnera, Brian was a partner at Holland & Hart, Senior Vice President and General Counsel at MPC Computers, LLC, Area Vice President, Legal of Micron Electronics, Inc., and served as chair of the Business and Corporate Law section of the Idaho State Bar.

Tammi S.

Executive Assistant
Tammi has over 20 years of experience working in the non-profit sector, where she served on multiple Boards, managed operations, and planned events. Tammi manages recruiting, project site launch events, facilitates partner meetings, and maintains an office environment that supports Clēnera's positive culture.

Jared M.

Director of Business Development
Jared has over a decade of experience in supply chain consulting and program management. Since Jared joined the team, Clēnera has contracted Power Purchase Agreements on 520 MW of projects and has developed a pipeline of over 10,000 MW.

Dustin T.

Director of Development
Dustin focuses on developing and managing high-value renewable energy projects from the ground up, as well as providing project due diligence to Clēnera's growing acquisition portfolio. He has five years of experience in renewable energy project development and asset management.

Nathan F.

Director of Finance
Nathan, CPA has four years of experience in renewable energy finance and asset management. Since joining Clēnera, Nathan has overseen over 500MM in tax equity financing as well as over 1.5B in non-tax equity financing

Erin K.

Director of Asset Management
Erin has experience managing 500+ MW of utility-scale solar assets. She has 14 years of experience in the energy sector, with 10 focused on renewable energy.

Lars D.

Director of Business Development
Lars brings over a decade of successful project experience in the renewable industry to Clēnera. Lars has contributed to the success of over 37 solar and wind projects, totaling approximately 2 GW.

Gary T.

Director of Contracts and Real Estate Counsel
Gary, LL.M. has been an active real estate developer and real estate and corporate attorney for 19 years, with extensive experience in wind and solar development and related legal matters.