Solar energy has come a long way and so have we.

Our team lives in the midst of the communities and people we work with, from the farming communities surrounding Boise, Idaho to markets across the country. Our love for the land and desire to create better systems and solutions for the environment is personal. 

On any given day, we are having conversations: with landowners, with utilities managers, with project directors and corporate leaders. Each play a role in how we power our lives and how solar energy is a part of that—and each have distinct realities, needs and opportunities.

For more than a decade, our understanding has been shaped and refined by these conversations. And our decades of collective experience now make it possible for us to bring technology, solutions and people together to redefine the way we access, use and think about natural resources: one that doesn’t come at a cost to people, the planet, or your business goals. 

We’re here to make solar not just a sustainable future, but a valuable one - one we all benefit from whenever we take a breath, make a business decision, or imagine the world we’re handing to the next generation. 
Underpinning years of profitable growth, Clēnera was acquired by Enlight Renewable Energy LTD in 2021. With a robust pipeline approaching 12 GW out of Enlight's total 17 GW, Clēnera's portfolio is expected to become an increasingly important part of Enlight's overall business in the years to come.

Enlight Renewable Energy is a global renewable energy developer and independent power producer. Enlight develops, designs, constructs, finances, owns, and operates power plants that generate clean energy across the U.S., Europe, and Israel.

Founded in 2008, Enlight began as a company focused on developing greenfield solar projects in Israel. Over the past 13 years, Enlight has transformed into a global player, developing and owning utility-scale projects across 12 different countries and various technologies, including onshore wind, solar PV, and battery energy storage.