July 2, 2014

Solar facility at Indianapolis Motor Speedway enters operation

The 9-MW Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS) Solar Farm is now operational.
The facility is the largest solar farm at any sporting facility in the world, according to IMS, and
features 39,312 solar modules on 68 acres.

“Solar generation is an important component of IPL’s commitment to developing renewable
generation resources,” said Ken Zagzebski, president of AES’ U.S. Strategic Business Unit,
parent company of Indianapolis Power & Light Company (IPL). “The new IMS solar farm will be
a constant reminder to those who visit the largest spectator sporting facility in the world of the
creative solutions taking place here in Indianapolis to increase sustainability.”

IPL, a subsidiary of AES Corp. (NYSE: AES), is the system off-taker under the terms of a power
purchase agreement and will own the Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) produced by

SunWize Technologies Inc. and Blue Renewable Energy co-developed the project. Blue
Renewable Energy entered into a land-lease agreement with IMS to construct the system,
which was designed, engineered and installed by SunWize Technologies. Clēnera and
Swinerton Builders finalized the engineering and constructed the project on behalf of Centaurus
Renewable Energy.