June 23, 2022

New Mexico Public Regulation Commission: Joint Application for Location Approval

Atrisco Solar LLC and Atrisco Energy Storage LLC (together, “Atrisco” or “Applicants”) hereby jointly submit their Application and supporting testimonies and exhibits to the New Mexico Public Regulation commission (“PRC” or “Commission”) for the following: (1) pursuant to NMSA 1978, §62-9-3, for approval to locate up to 400 megawatts (“MW”) of solar energy generation and, to the extent required by law, up to 200 MW of energy storage (collectively, the “Solar and Storage Facilities”), located within the City of Rio Rancho in Bernalillo County, New Mexico; (2) pursuant to NMSA 1978, §62-9-3, approval to locate a 345 kV generation tie transmission line (the “Gen-Tie Line”) and associated substation (the "Atrisco Substation") (together, the "Transmission Facilities") to connect the Solar and Storage Facilities to the existing electric transmission grid at a new switchyard (the "PNM Switchyard"); and (3) to the extent determined to be necessary under the circumstances here pursuant to MSA 1978, § 62-9-3.2, determination of the Gen-Tie Line right-of-way ("ROW") width of up to 140 feet to the extent required by law, or alternatively, an order declaring there is no need for ROW width determination under the circumstances presented in this case. A location map is included in Exhibit ED-2 attached to the Direct Testimony of Eric Desmarais.

This Application provides a summary below, along with further details in accompanying testimonies and exhibits, regarding the Applicants, the Solar and Storage facilities and the Transmission Facilities (together, the "Atrisco Project" or "Project"), the requirements of the location control statute, the Solar and Storage Facilities’ compliance with the requirements of the location control statute, the Transmission Facilities' compliance with the requirements of the location control statute, the determination of the appropriate ROW width for the Gen-Tie Line, and other matters related to this Application.

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