July 23, 2020

Iowa Secretary of Agriculture tours new solar farm in Wapello

WAPELLO, Iowa — A private investor is working with Clenera Renewable Energy in Boise, Idaho, to establish the 100 megawatt farm, which will power about 45,000 homes.

"You’re talking about several hundred jobs at the peak of this construction project," said Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig.

Secretary Naig received a tour of the facilities on Thursday July 23. He said this solar farm is a step in the right direction for Iowa.

"[Solar farms] are an opportunity for us as a state to benefit and retain some of that value here in our state for Iowans," said Naig.

The more than $100M project spans nearly 700 acres and began in early June.

"We'll be pretty much mechanically complete by December," said Project Manager Jeremy Teresinski.

Nearly 318,00 solar modules will be installed to provide enough energy to power 40,000-50,000 homes.

Teresinski said the project has a hyper-local focus and they try to "keep all of our business as local as possible."

"We try and hire all of our general labor as local as possible," said Teresinski.

Teresinski said the solar farm also provides jobs in maintenance once construction is over for nearly 25 to 30 years.

The solar farm is expected to begin providing grid power by February 2021.