August 1, 2023

Clēnera Highlighted by Idaho Energy Freedom

In May, Jeremy Kuhre, the Director of Business Development at Clēnera, presented to the Idaho Energy Freedom Advisory Council about his company’s role in developing the state’s solar power resources. Clēnera was one of the organizations that participated in last January’s Education Day at the Idaho Capitol and continues to grow its public presence and employee base in Idaho.  

Clēnera was founded by well-known Idaho entrepreneurs Jason Ellsworth and Adam Pishl in 2008, and after years of growth, in 2021, the business was acquired by Enlight Renewable Energy LTD. Today, Clēnera’s portfolio is approaching 12 GW out of Enlight’s total 17 GW. Clēnera also manages a third party-owned portfolio of operating facilities that have delivered 7.98 billion kWh of affordable clean energy to markets across the U.S. Kuhre said that this has approximately prevented 12.4 billion pounds of CO2 from being released into our atmosphere.

Clēnera is an independent power producer meaning that it develops, builds, operates, and owns long-term clean power plants, including solar projects and battery storage. Enlight develops wind power. Kuhre said the mission is to deploy as much clean power as possible. Both founders were born and raised here in Boise and are committed to growing the business here, with 90% of the 120 employees based in the Treasure Valley.

Clēnera develops clean energy projects by working with large private landowners, including Arizona’s largest, Billy Cordasco of Babbitt Ranches. Kuhre said that Clēnera has also worked with BLM and state land agencies, though he noted “those processes just take longer and, and they’re a little bit less straightforward.”

Clēnera is committed to the community and partners with local nonprofits, including the Idaho Youth Ranch. The company provides 100 kW of power to directly offset the Caldwell-area campus’s energy costs. The employees also help with trail clearing and maintenance as part of the Boise Trails Challenge each year.

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