January 30, 2019

Alabama’s largest solar farm unveiled in Chambers County

Amid the rolling hills and farmers' fields of Chambers County near LaFayette, Ala., a new crop
has emerged to dominate the landscape: solar energy.

Officials from state and local governments, Alabama Power and Walmart gathered Thursday to
celebrate the successful launch of AL Solar A, a 79.2-megawatt solar energy project developed
by Alabama Power to help Walmart reach its corporate renewable energy goals.

The project was first announced as a 72-megawatt facility and is sometimes still described that
way, but the facility has an actual capacity of 79.2 megawatts, according to Kevin Winchell, field
service manager for Clēnera, which will operate the facility.

That appears to make it the largest solar facility in the state, generating enough energy to power
more than 18,000 homes according to the Clēnera web site.

"At Clēnera we believe in supporting local communities and are committed to providing clean
energy at the lowest possible cost to consumers and businesses throughout the country,"
Michael Gallego, vice president of Operations for Clēnera said in a news release.

"We appreciate the support of the AL Solar A project by Alabama Power, as well as the local
suppliers, vendors, businesses and industries in Alabama who have been exceptional to work