Principal, Energy Markets

This position will be a key member of the Energy Storage and Project Development teams to develop and model the economics of optimal trading and energy dispatch strategies for storage and solar plus storage assets in wholesale electricity markets.

Primary Responsibilities:

● Develop and model the economics of optimal trading and energy dispatch strategies for storage and solar plus storage assets in wholesale electricity markets.

● Apply expertise in electricity market fundamentals and operations to create systematic trading strategies by working alongside developers of machine learning models, optimization models, and software services.

● Monitor market design evolution and analyze the impact of policy changes on storage monetization in electricity markets.

● Work with the Project Development team, bringing insights into different development stages of projects regarding preferred locations for grid access and mitigating congestion risks, regulatory framework, and optimal offtake strategy.

● Develop revenue assumptions for project financial modeling, steer long-term price forecasts based on market fundamentals and key beliefs.

● Research and analyze complex policy matters in the energy sector in order to assess business implications, strategically and tactically, and in to provide insight and guidance to the organization of resulting impacts.

● Work on significant and unique assignments of diverse and complex scope, developing solutions which require a high degree of ingenuity and innovation as well as independent judgment to accomplish business objectives. Work involves a high degree of interpretation and analysis of unique data for judgment and decision-making purposes.

● Other tasks as assigned.

Primary Qualifications:

● Bachelor’s Degree with a strong academic track record; preferred in a quantitative field (e.g. engineering, mathematics, business/finance, economics, etc.)

● Experience on an electricity trading desk and scheduling assets into wholesale markets.

● 3+ years of direct experience in the following areas: scheduling generation facilities in wholesale markets, electricity market research with a focus on dispatchable generation assets, wholesale energy market policy and business practices, energy-related commodity trading and structured products, market fundamentals analysis, and price forecasting.

● Existing expertise in at least one of the following: ERCOT, CAISO, PJM, and aptitude and interest to learn other ISOs/RTOs. This should include experience with energy, capacity and ancillary service products.

● Portfolio management experience managing short- and long-term positions in energy markets in accordance with established risk management procedures and policies.

● Understanding of financial modeling, risk assessment and mitigation, commodity management, and hedging practices.

● Financial modeling experience with Excel, Python and energy trading risk management and optimization software.

● Effective collaboration as well as verbal and written communication skills

● Self-motivated with the ability to effectively manage competing deadlines or projects.

● Committed team player with the ability to develop and maintain productive work relationships.

● Flexibility conducive to a fast-paced, growing company environment.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Responsibilities and qualifications listed are not all inclusive.

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