Development Analyst

Member of the Development team working to achieve our solar and storage deployment goals. This is a highly cross-functional position involving interactions with Business Development, Project Finance, Procurement/Engineering, Construction, Asset Management, and other teams to develop clean power projects with compelling value.

Primary Responsibilities:

• Internal Review/Fatal Flaw Analysis for potential project sites.

• Land Analysis: Analyze Topography, FWS, FEMA, useable acreage, and parcel ownership, QA/QC parcel prior to mailing, and maintain Google Earth File for Land Managers.

• Monitor and analyze utility planning documents, generator interconnection queues, planned transmission lines, and other market policies and trends to identify advantageous markets in which to develop.

• Land Acquisition: Analyze rules, rates, and availability of BLM Land, State Trust Lands, and state industrial/economic development certified sites for future development.

• PURPA: Analyze PUC dockets for how states implement PURPA, and discover new PURPA opportunities based on state regulations, avoided cost, solar resource, service areas, Utility-specific circumstances. Communicate PURPA request to Utility and begin bilateral discussion if Utility so desires.

• Financial Modeling: Assist Project Finance in the beginning stages of financial modeling. Functions include, but are not limited to, researching current property taxes, interconnection costs, land acquisition costs, RECs, tax abatements, labor laws, permitting requirements, aux power rates.

• Initiate first-contact and maintain relationships with potential customers, including utility and corporate entities.

• Greenfield Origination: Organize and manage early-stage greenfield projects and potential power purchase opportunities.

Primary Qualifications:

• Bachelor’s Degree with a strong academic track record; preferred in a quantitative field (e.g. engineering, mathematics, business/finance, economics, etc.)

• Exceptional attention to detail and strong organizational skills

• Ability to manage multiple projects through the development lifecycle

• Effective verbal and written communication skills

• Self-motivated with the ability to effectively manage competing deadlines or projects

• Committed team player with the ability to develop and maintain productive work relationships

• Flexibility conducive to a fast-paced, growing company environment

Equal Opportunity Employer

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